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Review: The Carpet Bagger

The Carpetbagger has spent the last decade traveling, documenting and photographing attractions, and his Youtube Channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers who love to watch his adventures and reviews. Watch the video below to see The Carpetbaggers attempt to escape The Cabin at Beachstone Lake!



By Chris, Escape Authority | Published: August 8, 2016
What started as just a vision and several pages of feverishly scratched notes was truly brought to life by an incredibly talented scenic team, producing an attraction that is sure to wow even the most seasoned Escape Room players.

Every inch of this game’s six rooms completely exists within the story world. Gone are the days of Escape Games that sit within a square box office-esque space. You won’t find a single drop down ceiling panel here, nor even one flat wall, for that matter…

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