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girl holding lantern in legend of atlantis escape room
lantern on box in legend of atlantis escape room
boy solving puzzle in legend of atlantis escape room

The Legend of Atlantis Escape Room Adventure

World famous explorer Hathaway Wren made the discovery of a lifetime. Several weeks have passed since Wren’s groundbreaking transmission, and all attempts to contact him have proven futile. You must find your way through hidden doors and secret passageways into the Temple of Poseidon if you have any hope of finding Hathaway and locating the five Atlantean Power Crystals that will change the course of human existence, as we know it.

Join us to experience The Legend of Atlantis. Work together with your team to make your way into the Temple to align the power crystals. Book your reservation today for our escape room in Myrtle Beach, SC – we have limited availability!


60 Minutes


2-8 Players Suggested